Doggy Bung

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The wildest bounce toy! 

  • Inspired by winemaking
  • Durable and safe on teeth, made from food-grade silicone
  • Unique shape creates unpredictable bounces
  • Suitable for large and small dogs
  • Easy to clean
  • Vibrant color made especially for dogs
  • Non-toxic & BPA-free
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Unleash the obsession with Doggy Bung - where no breed is left behind! Our mission is clear: every pup, regardless of breed or size, deserves pawsome bonding time with their humans. Doggy Bung brings tail-wagging joy to every furry friend and their family. Embrace the thrill of interactive play and mental stimulation with this inclusive dog puzzle toy.

Loved by dogs and their humans

It's been a couple of weeks and she's still interested which is crazy for her as she gets bored quite quickly with all her toys but she loves chasing the bung around. Also 5 out of 5 stars for durability! She's a big chewer and she's been going at it but she hasn't done any damage so I'm very impressed!

Ellie & Mia

"Ozzy the bulldog loves his bung! He is a superchewer and he can't even make a dent in it. He loves to chase it around the house or just chew on it for hours. He's a happy bulldog! Adorable packaging."

Ciara & Ozzy

"Teddy LOVES his bung. He loves to chase it around, and because of the way it bounces he likes to drop it himself and play with himself for ages. Teddy is also a known destroyer of any toy, and this one is so durable it’s managed to survive almost perfectly."

Oliver & Teddy

"I did not think Ruby would like this toy and she’s been going crazy about it since we took it out of the packaging! She just looks at it and gets the zoomies. If you’re on the fence of buying, hop on over to the buying side - 100% worth it!"

Aimee & Ruby

"Wonderful toy for my GSD/Husky/cattledog mix who is very playful with a strong prey drive. Perfect size and texture for her to carry around. The erratic movement really has her engaged in play with us or by herself. More entertaining for her than balls."


"This is seriously incredible. This toy is not only durable, but bounces a lot, very unexpectedly. Even in carpet flooring! It makes fetch games incredibly fun. My dog is an aggressive chewer, he has made some dents on it, but not more than that. The size is perfect."

Which size is right

For my dog?

Discover the perfect fit for your bung-tastic adventures. Our bungs come in two different sizes.

Small: Perfect for small to medium breeds between 10 - 50lbs.

Large: Larger breeds above 50lbs.

A regular and large Doggy Bung placed next to each other

No breed
left behind

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Food-grade silicone rubber stands up to every playtime challenge, creating a durable, easy-to-clean toy that can keep up with us!

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Get ready for wild, unpredictable bounces! The unique shape of our Doggy Bung turns playtime into an action-packed adventure.

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Non-toxic and BPA-free, it's the ultimate safety standard for all our four-legged pals, ensuring every moment is worry-free fun.


The Doggy Bung is not a chew toy, but has been designed and tested to withstand a moderate to high amount of bite pressure.

Food grade silicone rubber, perfect for grabbing and bouncing!

Yes! Doggy Bungs can be sniffed out in boutique locations in Northern California.

Small: Top Width - 2.125" Height 1.875" bottom 1.75"

Large: Top width - 2.875", height, 2", width 2.25"