A cockapoo catching a Doggy Bung in mid air in a studio photography environment

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who are our


Pet Parents with minimal space looking for a way to maximize playtime by adding an element of mental stimulation.

Fetch Aficionados, looking to elevate the classic game of fetch with a bigger bounce, unpredictable direction and further distance.

Busy families that are go, go, go who are looking for seamless mutual interaction that every part of the family can partake in.

Jeff Cole and Pablo the doberman standing with a Doggy Bung in a vineyard


by our dogs

In a stroke of serendipity, our dogs Pablo and Emma stumbled upon wine bungs and discovered their magical bounce. Inspired by their playful ingenuity, we transformed them into the ultimate dog toy!

Our story

"This is seriously incredible. This toy is not only durable, but bounces a lot, very unexpectedly."

- Micaela

"Because of the way it bounces he likes to drop it himself and play with himself for ages."

- Oliver

"Fun toy for my dog. It makes fetch more interesting and engaging for my dog. Good quality product."

- Amy

A golden retriever leaping for a Doggy Bung in a field

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