A view down the vines in a Californian Vineyard
it all started in a


Jeff Cole and Pablo the doberman in a vineyard with a Doggy Bung
The land of the


When the world went topsy-turvy, our humans discovered a hidden gem. It quickly became our little paradise, a haven from the chaos. And you won't believe what we found...

Our humans call them wine bungs - fancy stoppers that keep the dizzy juice inside. But we realized they held the secret to everlasting bounce. Naturally, we couldn't resist swiping a few for ourselves.

Fun for the

Whole Family

We just couldn't keep the joy to ourselves, so we convinced our humans to jump into the fun too. And oh my dog, we knew we had to share this incredible experience with the world. So we convinced them to develop and create the best dog toy - the Doggy Bung.

The Cole family enjoying a picnic
Pablo the doberman holding a Doggy Bung
Home picture of Emma the doberman from Doggy Bung
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left behind

As proud dobermans, we know how it feels to face stereotypes, but here, we bark together as one pack. All our friends deserve to experience the thrill of playtime and build unbreakable bonds with their humans. Whether you're a doberman like us, a poodle, or a mixed breed, you're one of us.

- Emma and Pablo

A wine barrel plugged with a Doggy Bung surrounded by other wine barrels

the reinvented

Wine bung

We took those fascinating wine bungs and worked hand-in-paw with our humans to transform them into safe and dog-friendly toys.

Our humans did some secret magic called "science," to make them super bouncy, and even made them in our favorite color! Safe and fun for endless playtime.

Bungology 101

Wine bungs are magical stoppers that keep the dizzy juice inside.

Wine is the humans' fancy juice! It's that drink that makes them talk funny and do silly dances. Remember, wine isn't dog-friendly, stick to your doggy bung.

Totally! Sweet dreams of bungs bouncing through the skies - it's the secret to a pawsitive sleep!

Of course they will! Once they witness you going crazy for those wild bounces and hilarious jumps, they'll understand our bung love is contagious.

We believe every dog deserves to have a blast with their humans. Whether a doberman (like us) or a chihuahua, our bungs create unforgettable bonding moments and help chase away boredom, so we don’t need to steal our humans' stinky socks.

Get ready for new products and vibrant colors to add to your toy box. Stay tuned!

Meet the team

A professional portrait photograph of Gabby Cole of Doggy Bung


A professional portrait photograph of Jeff Cole of Doggy Bung


The Doggy Bung doberman Pablo holding a Doggy Bung in his mouth

Product Tester

A professional portrait photograph of Mo Cole of Doggy Bung

Head of Packaging

A professional portrait photograph of Mac Cole of Doggy Bung

Inventory Assistant

Home photograph of Emma the doberman from Doggy Bung

Director of Operations

Wine bung vs Doggy bung