Get Ready for a Dog Friendly Thanksgiving with Doggy Bung

Get Ready for a Dog Friendly Thanksgiving with Doggy Bung

The leaves are turning, and the aroma of Thanksgiving is in the air – it's a time for gratitude, feasting, and quality time with the family. And yes, your four-legged buddy is family too! We've whipped up some tips to ensure everyone has a great time this holiday season.

1. Exercise and Enrichment

Begin your Thanksgiving with a morning walk, a chance for your dog to sniff out all the exciting smells that fall has to offer. Follow that up with some quality playtime involving their fav toys (like their Doggy Bung!), and maybe a fun puzzle toy for some brain-teasing enjoyment.

2. Prepare for Fireworks

Expecting a colorful show on Thanksgiving? Prepare with early play session and a cozy den for your dog to hunker down in. Keep doors and windows securely closed, ensuring your dog stays far from the noise. Fireworks can spook even the most mellow pup, so make sure they are safely tucked away behind a closed door or on leash so they don’t run outside when guests arrive. 

3. Training Refresher

Before the guests arrive and the turkey hits the table, a quick training refresher can work wonders. It's also a valuable chance to teach your dog to "settle," ensuring they feel comfortable during the festivities. Thanksgiving is a time for enjoying each other's company, including your pup!

4. Create a Den

Thanksgiving gatherings can be as overwhelming as a Black Friday sale, so give your dog a “den” to escape the chaos. Fill it with their favorite toys and a long-lasting tasty chew. You can even play some calming music or put on doggy TV. 

5. Dog-Friendly Treats

For a taste of the feast, you can treat your dog to some small, unseasoned bits of cooked turkey or sweet potato. Just steer clear of toxic foods like onions and chocolate and make sure leftovers including turkey bones are out of reach as these can splinter and be harmful to dogs.


This Thanksgiving, show your furry friend some extra love and care. And hey, you know what can add a whole new level of fun to your dog's mental enrichment sessions? The Doggy Bung! It's the perfect addition to their Thanksgiving experience, offering hours of entertainment and exercise.

So, here's to a Thanksgiving filled with joy, love, and doggy bungs. May your dog's belly be full, their heart content, and your memories cherished. Have a "pawsome" Thanksgiving celebration, everyone! 🦃🐾

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