5 Top Tips for Creating Content with your Dog

5 Top Tips for Creating Content with your Dog

Photos and videos are a great way to capture unforgettable moments with your best friend. (And if you're anything like us your camera roll is filled with pics of your dogs!)

That's why we've compiled our top 5 tips to help you take pawsome content with your dogs. Because let's face it - dogs rule the internet.

Getting Your Dog Camera-Ready

  • Slow Introduction: If you're using anything other than a camera phone, give your pup some time to get acquainted with the camera. Dogs can be a tad wary of new gadgets, so let them sniff around it at their own pace. Start by just having the camera in the same room, and let them approach it in their own time.

  • Positive Vibes: Treats, treats, treats! Reward your dog for interacting with the camera or even just glancing its way. This builds a positive camera association.

  • Sound Check: If your pup's unfazed by the camera, crank up the volume and let them get used to the camera's clicks and recording sounds. Don't forget to reward with treats or play - it's all about making the camera their new BFF!

 Say Cheese! 

  • Hold That Focus: Once your pup is happy with the camera, start snapping away! Use an arsenal of treats and toys to get them looking right into the lens. Hold a toy just above the camera to make it seem like they're giving the camera their full attention.

  • Playtime: Grab a fun toy, like a doggy bung, and let the goofy moments commence! Throw the toy their way, cue a playful "catch!" command, and be prepared for that split-second hilarious moment of them catching it in their mouths!

Get creative with Lighting

  • Cloudy vs. Sun: An overcast sky is your friend, as it can prevent harsh sun shadows. When the sun's blazing high, it can flatten the subject, so go for a cloudy day to add depth to your shots.

  • Golden Hour Magic: You don't need a PhD in photography to capture dreamy dog pics. Just hit up the golden hour! Snap pics right before sunrise or sunset, and let the soft golden sunlight make your pup shine like a Hollywood star.

Stay Flexible (Literally) 

  • Angle Play: Spice things up with different angles and perspectives. Experiment with close-ups, top-down shots, and yes, get down on the floor to see the world from your dog's view.

  • Stay Camera-Ready: Always have your camera ready to capture those spontaneous moments. Your dog might surprise you! 


It's Hard Work Being a Model

  • Patience is Key: Remember, patience is your superpower. Let your dog set the pace, and work with their energy levels. A photo session is basically a workout - for both of you!

  • Take Breaks: To avoid mutual frustration, take plenty of breaks. Sometimes, your pup might not be feeling the photo vibe, and that's perfectly okay! 

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