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Pablo the doberman holding a Doggy Bung
Home picture of Emma the doberman from Doggy Bung

Woof woof,

One day, while exploring the world, we stumbled upon something interesting - our humans call them wine bungs. These fascinating objects contained the magic of the never-ending bounce, so we claimed them as our own.

We knew we had something special, so we teamed up with our humans to refine and reinvent them into the perfect toy for our friends.

- Emma and Pablo

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left behind

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Chase away boredom while your humans are caught up with their computer thingies. No more sock-stealing antics when you've got your paws on one of these.

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Humans, if you want to see us shine, this toy is the secret. Its vibrant color and bouncy magic will have us hooked - even when faced with those pesky squirrels.

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Chase, catch, and create unforgettable memories with your best human pals - even the pint-sized ones can join in on the fun. It's bonding time for the whole pack!


Bounce with caution

Our humans say that the bounciness of these Doggy Bungs is all thanks to science, something called “density” and “elasticity”. All we know is these things are super bouncy! We've warned our humans, big bounces belong outside.



Discover the perfect fit for your bung-tastic adventures. Our bungs come in two different sizes.

Small: Perfect for small to medium breeds between 10 - 50lbs.

Large: Larger breeds above 50+lbs.

A regular and large Doggy Bung placed next to each other

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Together let's make the world a bouncier place, one bung at a time!

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